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Soil Oxygen Supplement

The "environmentally safe, non-toxic adjuvant", which acclerates normalization.

Corrects pH

OpenAll® helps to correct soil pH. It uses the hydrogen and oxygen molecules as buffers, as they are released with water dilution. Most soils experience immediate effects. However, the buffering capacity of some soils may decrease the pH adjustment speed.

Up to 50% Water Savings

OpenAll® treated soils undergo a regenerated structural change, allowing deeper water penetration. This, in turn, allows deeper root penetration and increased utilization of stored water. Due to improved water penetration, OpenAll® decreases evaporation and run-off; resulting in substantial water savings.

Salt and Alkali Removal

OpenAll® eliminates the salts left behind from years of chemical fertilizer use. Soil salinity can constrict the root’s vascular systems, causing stress and reduced nutrient uptake. Salt removal, in addition to alkali and boron reduction, are some of the most significant benefits derived from a proper OpenAll® treatment.

Unlocks Bound Nutrients

Immediately after application of OpenAll®, bound minerals are chelate and released for uptake. OpenAll® has the unique ability to reduce the EC in soil; allowing these nutrients to be readily available to plants and micro-organisms.

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Natural Solutions

Our planet is dealing with very important issues.

With the rise of starvation, soil contamination and industrial and agricultural waste, there must be immediate solutions for these problems. Read More