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Company: History


Deutrel was formed in 1969 by Everett L. Storey, a physical chemist and microbiologist. In 1960, he perfected the deuterium process of soil normalization, leading to the present day unique product, called
OpenAll®”. The company name “Deutrel” is derived from the deuterium” process. After the death of Dr. Storey, Deutrel was sold to the Rhoten Family. Corporate headquarters were moved to Lancaster, California.

Present Day

The Deutrel Family of companies now supplies superior, natural solutions to customers in more than 35 foreign countries...the list continues to grow. Initial success in Pacific Rim nations, in the early 90’s, brought expansion into Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Mexico, North America, Central America, and Europe. Deutrel Industries hosts International Conferences, attended by representatives from over 25 countries, where information is exchanged and composited in an atmosphere of learning and mutual benefit.

Mission Statement

Deutrel Industries exists to manufacture and make available the unique OpenAll® family of products world wide, in an effort to increase soil productivity in an environmentally positive manner. New product research and development builds on the proven concept that OpenAll® works as a catalyst and adjuvant, unlocking the latent power of nature to fix itself.


Deutrel Industries is forming an international team of sales engineers and soil experts, to provide products and technical know-how. This will help farmers resolve the most difficult land-use issues including agriculture, aquaculture, urban waste accumulation, and soil contamination. A final objective is to assemble a group of allied companies, whose products broaden the benefits of OpenAll® soil treatments; thereby providing a complete soil environmentmanagement system.

Natural Solutions

Our planet is dealing with very important issues.

With the rise of starvation, soil contamination and industrial and agricultural waste, there must be immediate solutions for these problems. Read More