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OpenAll: LP Pro-biotic Manure Treatment

For faster results, product works best in conjunction with OpenAll MTA

OpenAll® LP Pro-biotic manure treatment is a dry powder product which contains a specially formulated range of adapted high performance micro-organisms, natural catalysts and enzymes. This product was developed to increase the degradation efficiency, lower agitation and pump out costs. The range of microorganisms selected are chosen for their degradation abilities, under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. To ensure optimal performance of these organisms under the toughest conditions, they are blended together with “high potency” nutrients and stimulants.

• Enhance organic removal efficiency of biological systems; lowering effluent BOD, COD, and TSS.

• Enhance solids settling where it has been disturbed by loading fluctuations.

• Accelerate the start-up of new systems and aids recovery after upsets.

• Improve cold weather operation.

• Reduce sludge build-up.

• Cost effective and sustainable results.

• Easy to apply and works fast and effectively.

• Eliminates noxious odors.

• Reduces nitrates and phosphates.

• Non-toxic, non-hazardous & non-genetically manipulated.

1lb Treats up to 60,000 gallons of manure


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