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Company: News Updates

Deutrel announced it’s partnership with Mr. Huang

(CEO, Ya Hsin Industrial Co., Ltd).

Their grand opening, which was held at their new Deutrel Bio Technologies, Asia Ltd ( facility was held October 30th, 2004. Mr. Huang spoke of his commitment in solving issues with environmental and health problems that face Asia today.

It was a very exciting time for the founder, Jerry Rhoten of Deutrel Industries, Inc., because he was able to see his dream come to a reality. Mr. Huang and his family gave tours of his facilities and was extremely gracious to all the Deutrel family. Below you will find photos from this historic event.

Grand Opening

Deutrel Founder Jerry Rhoten at the Ribbon Cutting

Mr. Huang and Jerry Rhoten

John Rhoten, Mr Huang & Associates

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Our planet is dealing with very important issues.

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